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Samantha Buckland

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I am aiming to raise a charitable donation of £500 for the Erb's Palsy Group.

I want to raise awareness of the condition, the group, and the difficulties that those who have to live with condition suffer.

I am a proud mother to a beautiful daughter who sadly lives with Erb's Palsy due to a birth injury that was a result of negligent care.

I want to also raise awareness of the challenges that the family and friends of those with the condition face.

Erb's Palsy is a little known condition that can happen as a result of a birth injury - yet from personal experience, it is a condition that poses every day challenges to my daughter, and to me as her mother.

I want to set myself a task, so that i can force myself to overcome a personal challenge everyday - and post the results for all of you fundraising supporters to see.

I think this is an appropriate fund raising challenge, as i watch my daughter having to deal with, and courageously overcome challenges every day due to her Erb's Palsy in her left arm.

Therefore i think it is only right that i try and raise money for this wonderful group by doing the same.

I will aim to vary these personal challenges so that the full range of the mundane to amusing challenges my daughter has to deal with on a day basis can be highlighted.

Erb's Palsy and its subsequent life difficulties that it presents, can often go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Yet, to the person suffering, it can have an all encompassing effect on all aspects of their life.

I feel that it is high time that this condition be noticed, and recognised for what it is - a life changing condition to both the sufferer and their loved ones.

Join me on my journey of challenging myself everyday - to walk a day in my daughters shoes.

Love and kindness,


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